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Republic Deal Room <> Wayhome Webinar

Republic Deal Room <> Wayhome Webinar

About this webinar

There’s a generation of people who can comfortably afford to rent their dream home, but are unable to get a mortgage to buy it. Wayhome developed Gradual Homeownership, a hybrid model between owning and renting, to help people buy their dream home. Wayhome offers a hybrid solution where customers buy a proportion of the home, at least 5%, and pay rent on the rest. The Gradual Homeownership scheme allows people to invest in the housing market as they can afford it and provides them with security of tenure.

Wayhome is reinventing homeownership. Its innovative technology has attracted the attention of Europe’s leading fintech VCs, including Augmentum, Anthemis, and Accelerated Digital Ventures, all of which believe there’s an unique opportunity to rethink the way capital is invested in homes.

This is an interactive webinar hosted by the Seedrs team and Nigel Purves, Co-Founder & CEO at Wayhome.


Nigel Purves

Nigel Purves

CEO, Wayhome

Kirsten Horning

Kirsten Horning

Director, Republic Deal Room

John Lake

Chief Commercial Officer, Seeds


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