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Design, launch, and manage any tokenized asset with our expert team and token management platform.

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Why tokenize?

Programable terms

Program the transfer-restrictions and investment terms that are required between different asset and investor (KYC) classifications.

Increased accessibility

Tokenization broadens investment opportunities, including retail investors previously excluded from traditional investment structures.

Global reach

Tokenization enables investors from around the world to invest in the fund, providing greater access to international capital.

Lower costs

Tokenization reduces costs such as custody, transfer, and administration, resulting in lower fees for investors and increased returns for fund managers.

Faster settlement times

Tokenization speeds up trade settlements, enabling investors to receive their funds faster after selling their shares in the fund.

Greater transparency

Investors can track their token ownership and access real-time information on fund performance and holdings.

We tokenized
and launched
over 50 assets

Together with Republic Crypto a consultancy helping founders to reimagine finance and ownership using blockchain technologies.


We helped transform the play-and-earn token economy for a global gaming phenomenon.


We pioneered a new era of tokenized investing with a revenue-sharing, community-driven digital asset.


We helped tokenize and secure initial listings on the most Tier-1 exchanges in history.

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Why tokenize with Republic?

We can tokenize any asset

Whether you need tokenization for a small or large portfolio, we can design a solution that meets your requirements and delivers the results you need.

tokenize any assettokenize any asset

One simple token management interface

Onboard investors, manage tokens, automate vesting schedules and transfers, all in one place.

tokenize any assettokenize any asset

Access both retail and accredited investors

We provide secure and compliant way for issuers and fund managers to raise capital through both security and utility tokens.

tokenize any assettokenize any asset

Team with a track record

Collaborate with a team of experts from, who has a deep understanding of the legal, technical, and operational aspects of the tokenization process.

track recordtrack record

Who we’re working with

Asset managers

FundsPrivate equity & VCInvestment bankingReal estateArt & collectibles


Start-up foundersNon-profitsEnterpriseCorporations




BlockchainsDecentralized FinanceInfrastructureDecentralized AppsNFTs
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