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Own a piece of startups, crypto, real estate, art, music, and more with as little as $50.

Leroy Young

Leroy Y. invested $250 in Mayweather Fitness

Roger Paul

Roger P. invested $1,000 in Steeped Coffee

Matthew Kuntz

Matthew K. invested in SorbiForce

eva jones

eva j. invested $500 in SorbiForce

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Republic operates Europe’s leading investment platform Seedrs. View 750+ live deals.

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Simple, transparent, and accessible

1. Find companies

Search and filter by sectors, highlights, top deals and more. Want to support climate-tech or Black founders? Set your preferences to be notified when those deals launch.

2. Invest on your terms

Do your own research on every page. Review financials, valuation, and read reviews from other investors. Become an owner for as little as $50.

3. Build and diversify your portfolio

View your investments on the app or web and track your diversification. Get live updates about your investments from founders too.

Portfolio wins

Here are a few notable stories from Republic’s portfolio.

Ember Fund

Funded & closed July 2022

10x in one year





12 mo.



Funded & closed April 2021

$5M raised in 12 hours





12 hrs.



Funded & closed January 2021

Experienced founders raised from their community first





1 mo.


Co-invest with the best

Some of the top names in venture capital have invested in the same companies that raise on Republic.

For founders

Let's raise capital and build the future together

Powerful fundraising tools

Make the most of your round through tools like: social capital, teasers, whitelist, sharedrops and more.

Engage your community

Turn your customers into owners and brand ambassadors who are bought in for the long haul.

Dedicated team

From legal resources, to designing your campaign page, marketing your raise, and more - we’re invested in your success.

SEC filing help

Our team will help you file all the paperwork to get started and launch your campaign.


Hear from alumni founders about their campaigns.

Republic’s global ecosystem

We build services for investors and companies of all sizes and experience levels. From first-time investors and early stage founders, to institutional VCs and complex enterprises — we’re building with you in mind. Our ecosystem operates across the USA, UK, and Asia.

Investing platform

Retail investing allows anyone to invest early in startups, crypto, real estate, art, music, and more - all while empowering founders to raise too.

Refer a startup, get $2,500

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