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VC files: secrets, hacks and stories from the pros

VC files: secrets, hacks and stories from the pros

Please join us on Friday May 24th at 3pm ET for the first episode of VC Files, a new event series exclusive to Republic Note holders!

Venture capital is an elusive, secretive club, but with Republic Note, you’re getting a guest pass.

VC Files brings you VCs who will share raw, untold stories and insider secrets that you won’t hear anywhere else and that could give you an edge as a non-professional investor.

Our first guest is Sophie Liao of Oyster Ventures.

Among her many accomplishments, she made a startup exit within 6 months, and then single handedly established Oyster Ventures. Since 2016, they have launched three funds and deployed capital into 80+ startups.

During this session, we will explore:

  • 0 to 1 journey to becoming a successful VC
  • Uncomfortable truths about VC
  • The secret behind Sophie’s most successful deals
  • Assets she avoids and why
  • What’s “hot” on the market
  • Sophie’s red flags for deals

And there’s more: You’ll get to ask Sophie anything in our live Q&A.
And one of you will walk away with a special gift from her!

The only way to get an invite is to be a Note holder. As little as one Note will secure you a spot.

We may share this event’s edited recording with Note holders after the fact — but can’t promise an uncut version. Some things are meant to be shared only once and only live, so... see you there!

See full disclaimer here: https://republic.com/note/note-disclaimer

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